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RSA SecurID 800 Hybrid Authenticator
RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens

RSA SecurID 800 Hybrid Authenticator

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The RSA SecurID 800 offers the one-time password functionality of the other hardware authenticators and can be used for storage of Windows username/password credentials and digital certificates—creating a master key for multiple authentication methods. When connected, the RSA SecurID 800 is enabled for automatic token code entry, allowing applications to programmatically access token codes directly off the device and eliminating the need for the user to type their code.

Security tokens for identity and access management

Protect sensitive data and mission-critical systems with the industry’s highest-quality two-factor authentication device. Gain two-factor authentication, hard disk encryption, email and transaction signing capabilities with a single hardware token.

For three decades, RSA SecurID tokens have been synonymous with performance and reliability. Long before introducing the software token or tokenless (risk-based) authentication, RSA was protecting organizations with the RSA SecurID hardware token – authenticating users by leveraging “something they know” (user name and passcode) and “something they have” (the PIN code on the token). Today, the RSA SecurID hardware token comes in a pair of convenient models that all generate and display new codes every 60 seconds.

High Quality, Reliable Authentication

For an enterprise depending on the broad distribution of authenticators to protect access to information and applications, token reliability is a major concern. RSA authenticators leverage the AES-128 algorithm, utilizing the most up-to-date crytographic standards. RSA offers industry-leading levels of reliability and RSA SecurID hardware tokens are designed to withstand the worst imaginable conditions. From temperature cycling to mechanical shocks to being immersed in water, RSA SecurID hardware tokens are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that organizations do not face hidden costs due to widespread token failures.

At a glance

  • RSA SecurID hardware tokens offer three decades of historic performance and reliability
  • Offered in a pair of convenient models that offer basic tokencode functionality, or a USB form factor that provides additional smartcard capabilities
  • Hardware tokens that leverage the AES-128 algorithm and are time synchronous
  • These tamper-resistant tokens have undergone rigorous physical testing to ensure a high quality product


  • RSA SecurID hardware tokens are tamper resistant and designed to withstand extreme physical conditions including dramatic temperature variations, submersion in water and mechanical shock. An extended warranty protects RSA SecurID hardware tokens across the lifetime of the device.
  • Choose between two hardware token models: RSA SecurID 700 and RSA SecurID 800. Both keyfob style devices share similar features, though the RSA SecurID 800 has a USB and can be used for storing Windows credentials and digital certificates.
  • RSA SecurID hardware tokens can be enabled for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, depending on your organization's needs.
  • Both hardware token models are customizable: The six-digit display can be customized to show four digits, and one-time passwords can be set to change every 30 seconds from the standard 60 seconds. You can further customize your device by adding your organization’s logo.
  • Facilitate a range of functions, including two-factor authentication, hard disk encryption and email signing, with a single hardware token.
  • Reduce the cost of procuring, administering and managing hardware tokens. RSA SecurID hardware tokens consistently and reliably generate access codes and are known for their durability and long battery life. These qualities minimize the need for costly replacements, improve total cost of ownership and reduce calls to the helpdesk to address token-related problems.​
  • RSA SecurID hardware tokens employ an authentication approach that combines time, the AES-128 algorithm and a unique identifier to strengthen cryptographic value. Established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the AES-128 algorithm was approved by the U.S. National Security Agency to protect classified information up to the level of secret.


Technical Specifications
Style Key fob
Available on RSA Authentication Manager and SecurID Authentication Engine (SAE)
Artwork customization available Yes
Number of digits displayed 6 standard; can be customized to 4
Display change time for one-time password (OTP) 60 seconds; can be customized to 30 seconds
Duration availability 24, 36, 48, and 60 months
Applications OTP, email signing, HD/file encryption, etc.


Download the RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens Datasheet (.PDF)

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